Soul Success


When Guus Ellenkamp asked me to write an article titled “Soul Success”, I agreed at once. For me, it’s the only type of success that’s important. All other types of success are human successes, that satisfy earthly existence, human lives, selfish wants, ego. Soul Success is far more important than human success, for only the soul has a contract to be fulfilled, a destiny to be achieved as a job of work for our planet.  

In other words, you can gain all the success in life your sweet human heart hopes for, but if you don’t find success for your soul’s purpose on earth, you may have wasted your life.

Perhaps worse, after death, if you still need to achieve Soul Success, you may have to return to Earth and try again. Not such a nice thought for those who’ve had not such nice lives...

So the question is, how to tell the difference between achieving human goals and Soul Success?

A simple question, but too complicated with too many answers for this article. Which is why I wrote a book about it, with website too. The book “Angels on Earth” is on - the website is
Obviously I’m going to say, if you need Soul Success as opposed to achieving human goals, you need the whole book, not just this article. But here's some clues.

The book describes the life of someone being driven by Soul Success, from before birth, to after death. It shows that no matter what country you live in, what family you’re from, what religion you have, what beliefs you promote, if you have a need for Soul Success, your life will follow a similar energetic pattern to other Soul Success seekers.

The big clue is this – Soul Success depends on age. You can probably realise that if someone has a big job of work to achieve for their soul on Earth, they are unlikely to achieve it before they are 5. They haven’t had enough life experiences to be able achieve Soul Success in the first 4 or 5 years of life.  

Similarly, Soul Success seekers probably can’t achieve Soul Success as a teenager, or even in their 20s or 30s.  I often say to someone in their 20s, “You are a Baby Adult!” They usually look surprised, until I explain that less than 10 years ago they were considered to be a child, and 10 years isn’t long to learn everything about being an adult.

Someone in their 30’s is a teenage adult, as far as Soul Success is concerned. They’ve been through some of life’s problems, and put their version of understanding onto those problems, to try to make sense of being an adult on this planet. But as a teenager adult, they still haven’t understood what it’s all about yet. So although they may be achieving human goals, they are unlikely to be achieving Soul Success. 

When someone reaches their 40s, if Soul Success is part of their destiny, it becomes a force within that needs love and inspiration to break away from old habits and achieve soul needs. It’s a time of desperation, depression, anxiety, etc for some, as unconsciously they fear they may not achieve their inner needs, the needs of Soul Success. It’s a time of wonder for others as they progress to beauty and happiness as they begin to fulfil the dreams emanating from the love of their soul.        

In their 50s, most people who have a deep feeling within that a destiny must be achieved on Earth have had so many life experiences they will consciously know what their Soul Success was, or can be. (Except those who are mentally or emotionally incapable.) This is a time for rejoicing. Inspiration has come at last. 
This is a wonderful time of bliss and happiness, with similar loving soul friends. Soul Success is part now, not just of the soul, but of humanity too.    

Naturally, nothing is for everyone. Some people are not destined to achieve a Soul Success in this life. Others who do have a Soul Success destiny, will achieve it faster or slower than the guidelines I've given. And some people may not achieve their destiny at all, at least, not in this life. 

Each decade has lessons to be learned from life's experiences. Until those lessons have been learned, it's energetically impossible to move on to the next lessons, in the next decade. The vast majority learn their lessons automatically, unconsciously, without even realising they've learned their lessons, or what the lessons were. So there's no need to be worried, fearful, or anxious. But for those who need more logical guidance, more conscious understanding, that's why I wrote a 300 page book. :-)

The important thing is this - we are tiny specks, unseeable to most of the universe. Your Soul Success is only the beginning of a longer, more beautiful journey. Take the pressure off yourself, and enjoy the ride. :-)       

For in-depth plans and goals to achieve Soul Success... 
Find the book “Angels on Earth” on 
Website is
My film script about mafia bullies beaten by unconditional love, was typed faster than expected in the carvery restaurant, between mouthfuls of healthy, yummy roast. Until a woman approached. “May I sit at your table,” she asked. “It’s full here today.”

I beckoned her to sit, and refocussed on the plot. But... have you felt someone's energies in need? Eventually I had to ask. “So what brings you here?”

“My son’s a clown.”


“A clown," she continued. "A real one. He was injured and just returned to the circus.”

“So you’re a circus mum?”

“I’m the queen of the circus. My husband owns it. He’s the king. My son is the crown prince.”

I must have looked surprised.

“A circus is a royal court,” she added. “The king is respected, and treated like royalty. We are the royal family.”

It was interesting conversation, but I preferred to write my "bad mafia-nice love" script. Until she said, "Mafia groups try to make power grabs."

"Mafia groups?" 

"They're in the circus, and try to take over with threats. My son was clowning in the ring, pretending to hobble for laughs. As left the ring, behind the curtain a troupe of acrobats from Ukraine waited, and beat him. When he returned to the ring, he really hobbled. He was in agony. The crowd laughed, thinking he was clowning."

The queen told insightful circus tales, intriguingly relevant to my "bad mafia-nice love" script! 
Is this why we met? I thought. I'll check it out...

"So," I smiled. "I usually meet people in need of help. How can I help you?" 

It's amazing the variety of answers to the question, How can I help you. She hesitated. Then, blurted, "I'm suicidal."

I used to be a Samaritan, on the end of a phone for suicidal people, using a method to release suicidal thoughts. You confront potential suicide with a chronological process and structured questions, in a certain voice. When secret thoughts are not secret any more, there's a release of burden. (Important - do not try this unless trained - there's a process - refer suicidal people to the Samaritans or similar.) 

"How often have you thought of committing suicide?" I asked gently, to start assessing risk.

"Every week for about 17 years."

Hmm... After weekly thoughts of suicide for 17 years, she's probably a low risk... But best to check...

I spoke in a soft voice. "If you did do something, what would you do?" 

"Tablets. Every time I've felt suicidal I've bought more tablets. There's enough at home to kill an army!"

Oh dear, that's a higher risk. Her method is at hand. It only takes one change of thought not to buy, but to take...

"What happened 17 years ago?" I asked.

"Since I was two, I knew I was destined to paint portraits, with a painting hung in the National Gallery. That was my soul purpose. Then came the car crash. My soul fragmented. I saw the art part of my soul leave. Ever since, my soul purpose has had impossible obstacles. There's no reason to live if you can't do what you were born for."

She looked terribly sad, about to cry. Not good in a restaurant. Her sketch book lay on the table. "May I see," I asked. It was amazing. Really. Sketches were as professional as I've ever seen. 

"There's finished portraits on my camera," she added.

Gosh, she was talented. Portraits painted in caricature, outline, colour, B&W, and like photographs etc were all astonishingly excellent. So this is why she's here... Her soul purpose needs help... "Have you heard of soul retrieval," I asked. 

"Yes," she replied. "I've got Sioux blood." 

I'd better say my credentials to give her confidence. "I was asked to be a shaman-medicine man for a Lakota tribe." 

I tuned in for a moment, to feel what I was about to say was OK. It seemed good. "Well," I said, "Here's a deal for you. I come to your house and throw out all your tablets. After, I'll guide you through a soul retrieval process, to regain the art part of your soul, so you can achieve your destiny. OK?"

"Yes please."  She grinned happily. "Are you an angel?"

I just smiled and said, "there are many weird things in heaven and earth".

"Well, I think you are. From now on, I'll call you my Hairy Angel".

I'm busy, but a soul in Need, is a soul in Deed. Should be interesting when I visit her house...
Negative energy can manifest inside the body in many shapes and guises. Such negative energy can often be visualised symbolically in the patient's mind. When a patient can see the negative energy, techniques and methods can be introduced to resolve it. 

Last week in Mexico I taught a very sick male chronic fatigue / ME patient how to see the negative energy within him, and how to resolve it with a series of seven non-Reiki therapy methods. After, I taught how to introduce specific non-Reiki positive healing energies instead. I then recorded the techniques for him to listen to, and act on, twice daily.

Prior to my anti-negative and pro-positive energy program, he hadn't been able to walk out of his house for about 6 months. Medical doctors had given up. After a few days of my program he was able to walk easily. 

Here's an email from him. It might sound "weird", but 
a) negative energies often manifest in weird symbolic (some would say psychic) ways, and 
b) this blog is about weird happenings in my daily life anyway, so what the heck. 
c) The important thing is the result!!
So here's the weird email... 

Symbolic healing negative energies
When I do your programme there is still so much negative energy. This morning there was a big fountain of black sticky tar from my abdomen. It formed a cloud above me. Rotten, smelly water or pus is tap-running from my heels.  There have bee maggots, hairy black and yellow worms, rusty iron scrap with spikes, round black balls with prickles, still black or red berries, but now they are fewer and bigger, some with very long roots and some roots are barbed. This sounds like a picture of hell and I am so glad to get rid of it.  

Symbolic healing with positive energies 
The mental relaxation is pure Heaven, though. I am in Rosevillage, the place I described when I was two, and my guides always come and sit with me. There is also a pure, white angel. I do not know who it is. Some days ago another being came and he could be St Michael. There is a very old Chinese man dressed in a beautiful golden robe. He is always very serious. Christ often gives me a red rose. They are just there to support and comfort me, I feel. 

The healing is wonderful. At the moment I just use gold and red colours as they feel good and effective. 

The whole program is simply brilliant. Thank you, Allan! 

Some readers may understand the above. But other readers may think it's science fiction - until maybe one day you have a similar experience...      

The important thing is the result...
As I looked up at the departure times of my trains at London's crowded Victoria Railway Station, a thought came. The train leaves in 8 minutes - but I should miss this one, and instead walk outside and buy a dinner for the first "homeless" looking person on the street. 

If we're "connected to the universe" we should obey thoughts. Even if thoughts seem illogical or unreasonable, only by following thoughts can we find how true our "connections" are.

I "felt" the path, and took a turn outside by the Grosvenor Hotel, one I wouldn't normally take. There, just outside, sitting by a crowded rush-hour pavement  was a skinny, bedraggled man in his 20s, with unkempt hair and a long straggly beard. Underneath and around him were screwed-up newspapers, obviously used as a bed.

This is the one, I thought. This is why I had to miss the train and buy him dinner.

"Would you like a dinner?" I asked with a smile.

"No thanks," he replied. "I've just eaten!"

Huh?? Maybe my thoughts were wrong.

I was about to speak further when suddenly, right next to the young homeless man, an old man in his 80s collapsed against the wall, panting hard for breath. 

Oh, oh, perhaps the dinner was a ruse, not the need...

"I can't make it," the man gasped to an old lady. She seemed to be his wife. She desperately looked around for help.     

Some workmen nearby beckoned him to sit on steps they'd just repaired. "No," he gasped, "I can't move". 

I thought quickly of the choices. 999 for the ambulance... Go to him with direct help... Or stand nearby unobtrusively in the rush hour crowd, and send him a dense cloud of positive energy, magnetically.

He didn't seem in imminent danger of death, so I chose the latter. Mustering energy around me into a large magnetic cloud, I simultaneously tuned in to his problem. 

All energies can be magnetic in nature. I allowed his magnetic force to come towards mine, to connect to my magnetic energy. As our energies touched, I felt his chest and stomach areas energetically erratic. They pulsed hard.

For a few moments I gathered positive energy around me into a large dense cloud. Then, in one sudden magnetic energy movement, I allowed his magnetic force to attract my cloud into his chest and stomach.

I wish you'd been there to see what happened. 

Literally seconds later, his breathing slowed, he ceased slumping against the wall, and he strode strongly away through the crowd with his wife, as if nothing had happened.

As the saying goes, sometimes we go somewhere for a different reason to our expectation...
A three hour bus trip through Mexican deserts from Queretaro to Mexico City did not seem fun. I'd travelled the route before, and the luxury coach, with films, food, drinks, recliners etc were little compensation for a near-barren landscape, dotted with cactus plants and an occasional hill.

Before boarding, I couldn't help noticing a tall, stunningly beautiful lady. Some type of model, I thought. I was surprised that, on the crowded bus, my reserved seat was next to hers. 

Three hours soon passed! After some time of "normal" chat, she revealed her name was Carmen Hernandez, the reigning "Miss Princess of the World"! Click here to see her beauty...

Carmen truly deserved her Miss World title. She was so, so beautiful, not just in her looks, but in her lady-like manners, her gentle way of talking, her intelligent awareness - and her obviously gorgeous and deeply loving soul.

I had to ask...

"Do you believe in angels?" 

"Oh yes, they're all around me," she replied with such sweet, genuine laughter.

The rest of our conversation is private. But some readers with angelic souls may guess the drift...

If you'd like to buy her special shampoo that helps men's hair grow, let me know.  I'll email her. She's only 22, and currently looking for global outlets...    
Apologies to regular readers... It’s been too busy for too long to write this blog.
That means... there’s been too many excitingly weird and wonderful happenings to blog about!  
Here's the "titles" of some daily happenings I could have blogged, to give a taste and flavour of recent fun.

1.    Flying angel in Vitoria, with night time photos

2.    Baby Jesus invited me into her bedroom for ‘therapy’. An hour and a half later I came out to see her very large  husband with folded arms and grim face...  

3.    How I taught young man in Spain to heal away 100% of his mother’s arthritic pain

4.    Healing a nearby passenger's fear of flying, in mid-air from England to Spain

5.    Explaining a Dutchman’s negativity was genetically inherited calms him

6.    Loss of an Englishman's job leads to depression and guilt, and possible bereavement

7.    UKs Advertising Standards Agency lacks ethical standards when judging complementary therapies 

8.    Angel in the sky – photo of a beautiful angel appearing in the Danish sky

9.    The Sahara of Denmark – the church buried in sand dunes

10. Healing a bad back in a steak restaurant

11. How to cheer a miserable Danish waitress

12. Cat whispering - communicating with a Danish family cat uncovers why it was miserable 

13. Danish friend had not walked from her house for 7 months - after my therapy, she walked for a mile

14. My new 7-stage program for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME gains success

15. Email from patient on her miracle due to the my anti-CFS and ME program

16. May Day in Odense – free beer, Viking lunch

17. Veile church with bones of Norwegian Queen, scalps of vagabonds, and free tea and biscuits

18. Lego manager’s home in Denmark, and how to drink whisky

19. Doctor in Barbados helped by Reiki, now wants to help Reiki

20. Lady’s plea to be released from psychic attack

21. Margie and her artistic mandalas that heal and inspire  

22. Getting fit in the gym after botched operation

23. Antibiotics give sunlight reaction – how to desensitise for summer sun

24. Psychiatric nurse in sauna blasé about psychiatry’s ineffectiveness

25. Conversation in sauna about DREM for trauma induced condition

26. Man left sauna changing room happier about his schizophrenic wife

27. Man in sauna said, here comes the professor – he keeps helping people

28. My doctor says he will fight me like a lion – after he fought like a lion to protect the job of abusive Dr Masoud

29. Angela Falaschi, the brilliant nutritionist, and her even more brilliant machine

30. After one healing session my terribly ill auntie now feels fine

31. Website created to inspire others was trying to inspire the creator

32. Karate research for disabled persons can’t get funding – table tennis tables different to medical research

33. If hospital consultants can’t help your illness, go to the top - ask to see a professor

34. Finding a long lost relative from Malaysia in half an hour

35. Teaching angelic perfume salesgirl in Heathrow’s Duty Free the essence of smellology - clairolfaction

36. Doctor's wife traumatised by miscarriage, crying in street, cured in 5 minutes with "Spiral Therapy"

37. Wife of doctor told she could not have children - felt my energy inside her and became pregnant that month

38. Christening for 1 year old girl - pokes tummy out each time I mention her soul job on Earth

39. How a poor teenager bought land to build a university to help relieve suffering 

40. Lecture to 2,000 people in Mexico City - teaching a crowd to heal each other

41.And so on...

I cannot write more on all the above, but I'll write more about the weirdest... 

Watch this space - inspirations to help our needy world...
I've waited until after Margaret Thatcher's funeral to post this. Many magical moments move me daily, and I must blog the best soon. But before time passes too far towards eternity of spirit...

Margaret Thatcher was, this week, only the second English Prime Minister of the 20th century honoured with a ceremonial, almost State, funeral. The Queen and all UK political parties attended, as did representatives of many countries.

But some expressed excited joy at her death. Why...?

In the decade before Thatcher came to power Britain was terribly divided. Trade Unions were so powerful they brought down two 1970s governments.

1970s was the height of the Cold War - Russia v The West. Nowadays, governments try to influence African and other countries. Then, Russia and The West tried to influence each other to become communists or 'free' capitalists.

It was said some Trade Union leaders were paid by Russian or Trotski-ite, Leninist, Marxist or Stalinist organisations. They aimed to bring down UK governments until the UK was ungovernable, then they'd take over. 

Extreme left-wing Union leaders took their memberships out on strike illegally, without ballots. If one Union went on an illegal, unballoted strike, other unions called unballoted strikes to support them. Miners etc had to strike, or be ostrasised for life by village communities - in those days 'a fate worse than death'.

So before Thatcher came to power, illegal unballoted strikes meant strikers received no pay. Many miners and other union members starved. Communities broke down.

So it was a divided country pre-Thatcher.

The ultra-extreme left wing were well-organised from grass roots up. Pre-Thatcher, some cities such as Liverpool were taken over by what became known as "The Loony Left", followers of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, etc. 

But... It was more dastardly and disgusting than most people know because...!!
Capitalists were on lists to be shot when the extreme left revolution came.

How do I know...?

Well, my ex-wife was a die-hard Marxist. One day, her younger sister told me she was going to a meeting of the ultra-left "Workers Revolutionary Party". After, she explained what happened.

"I didn't expect that," she said. "It was about the Left revolution, and how the Unions will keep bringing our governments down, and eventually the unions and the Left will take over our country."

"What's so unexpected about that?" I asked.

"They said I can't join Workers Revolutionary Party unless I wrote lists of capitalists I want shot after the revolution."

"Gosh! What did you do?"

"I'm only a teenager. I told them I was too young to know any capitalists."

"What did they say?"

"They repeated I couldn't join unless I wrote a list of capitalists that deserve to be murdered. They pressured me to write one."


"Well, eventually I gave them your dad's name."

"What! My dad? Why?"

"Because he runs a shop."

"But he only runs a shop - and works really hard."

"That makes him a capitalist. So he'll have to be shot."

"But he only tries to earn money for his family."

My sister-in-law repeated, as if hypnotised, "That makes him a capitalist, so he'll have to be shot."

Nowadays, my sister-in-law has a respectable profession, and may not be so left wing. But if she ever tried to deny these comments, I'd swear her previous truth on Oath!

It's not much different now, in the Middle East. Teens and 20 somethings are signed up for revolutionary action. They're malleable, unsure of how to be an adult yet, easily influenced. Revolution by the young via Twitter and Facebook has become a modern phenomena. In 1970s UK, revolution by the young was not far off... 

That was, until Margaret Thatcher came to power, and destroyed the unions power, and the power of the extreme left.

Imagine you were in an extremist Leftist union who had brought down two governments, and you were so close to running the country completely, and you saw your dreams of power destroyed by Thatcher. Imagine you were one of countless members of the Workers Revolutionary Party and saw your dark dreams of murdering capitalists destroyed by Thatcher.

No wonder Thatcher's enemies celebrated her death.

No wonder Thatcher had a near-State funeral.

The State has much to thank her for. Without her, maybe many would have been killed in the revolution! 

Including my dad...
It sometimes seems my job in the world is to help people that doctors can't help. Or worse, to help people doctors won't help. :-((

I've dealt with many cases just this week. I'm busy today, so here's the first - others follow soon. 

Case 1 - chronic fatigue
Doctors usually can't - or often won't - help chronic fatigue. In Spain, a lovely lady in her 30s was diagnosed 11 years ago with chronic fatigue, and is now taking pain killers, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants, and been (sadly) referred to a psychiatrist.

"You might not have chronic fatigue," I said after hearing her list of symptoms. I showed her the Canadian 2003 diagnostic and treatment protocols. 
"About 30 different illnesses give similar symptoms. See...? Have you been tested for any?" I knew the answer would be "No". European doctors often won't test properly.

It's sad. Her "chronic fatigue" could be easy to resolve. For example, too much or too little lead or B12, or too much or too little adrenal or thyroid function... Why on Earth don't doctors test properly?

The next day she saw her doctor. "I had to argue with him," she said when she returned. "He said he wouldn't test for something on the internet!"

"Ridiculous," I said. "The protocols are accepted by other countries, and the WHO."

"He wasn't interested. I had to argue. He only agreed to test for 18 illnesses when I said I've not got enough energy to see the psychiatrist!" Classic. "But he refused to test for the rest. If these 18 tests come back negative I'll argue for the other tests."

"It's a start," I said. "But even if it turns out to be chronic fatigue syndrome, there are many different types. One type is normally easily resolved with a special healing energy method. Come, I'll teach your brother how to help you. If you have this type of CFS, he might cure you when I'm back in the UK." 

It's always an asset to empower someone to heal - saves me a job!  

I remember my students' success stories. One, Carol, cured a lady with CFS with my method. She'd been in a wheelchair for 3 years, and was cured in 3 days. Amazed she could walk, she offered money. Carol declined. The woman said if Carol won't take money, her family of builders will build Carol a brand new therapy centre!!  

In Spain, the girl's brother had never done healing before, but was a natural. He soon unlocked his sister's feet chakras, to rise low frequency energy from the ground into her feet. Then, without touching, he slowly worked up her legs, feeling for energy blocks that prevent needed low frequency waves energising hos sister's body. 

As normal with such a case, both "therapist" and "patient" felt energy rise up the legs, but felt energy stop rising at "blocked" areas. I taught the brother a different therapy to unlock the blocks, until both persons could feel energy flowing all the way up from feet to hips. 

"That's better," she said after. "About 50% better. Phew! I've got so much more energy!" 

"If your brother gives this therapy daily for two weeks," I said, "if this is your type of CFS, you might be cured within days."        

That's something most doctor can't - or wouldn't - do.

Coming soon - back pain, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, bloating etc 
The Green City of Europe
Water parks surround the city
21st Cathedral being built as if it's 14th century Gothic
14th century Gothic cathedral with 21st century modernisations
Ken Follett from Wales
Vitoria, the capital of the Basque Country in Spain, is beautiful. Encircled by snow-capped mountains, the centre was built over rivers, and the airport built over lakes! Surrounding the city are interlinked parks, waterways and gardens, to enhance quality of life. The massive medieval city center is pedestrianized, with cherry trees in blossom. Even the trams run on grass. No wonder Vitoria was voted the 2012 Green Capital of Europe.

Unusually, the city has two cathedrals - the old Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria built in the 14th century and the new Gothic styled Cathedral of Mary Immaculate due to be finished in the 21st century! 

Prince Charles would argue the new cathedral should have modern designs, and the old cathedral replicate old designs. The intriguing and sad things is, the new cathedral is being built like an old one, and the old cathedral restored like a new one. :-(

Global experts study the old cathedral's "deformations suffered due to previous restorations". Gosh - you should see the deformations being suffered during current "restoration"! 

For example an old rotten staircase was recently replaced with modern open stairs of polished wood and steel. Already it's showing signs of age! Within 50 years, it will deteriorate and look ugly and outdated. 

After climbing this out-of-place wood and steel modern thing, you then climb a wonderful ancient staircase, proudly claimed by the guide as original. Horrid. Why not rebuild the other staircase like the original? 
The new 21st century cathedral can have the new modern staircase!

I 100% love awe-inspiring unusually designed modern skyscrapers, such as London's spectacular "Gherkin"

And check out the amazing London views from this stunning new building, the "Shard".

But also I truly love artistic ancient architecture. If old buildings are not restored as the original, what can we show generations to come?

At least the cathedral gains big income. Visitors pay over $10 to don a safety helmet for a guided tour. That's  about $2 million a year for the past 10 years! "Restoration" doesn't look like it'll finish this century. There's too big an income. 

The famous Welsh writer Ken Follett was fascinated when he visited the cathedral, and used the cathedral for a plot in a book. The cathedral was so grateful, they built a life-size bronze statue to him. 

Perhaps some good can come from old-to-new architecture... 
I didn't take this photo. Ghostly orb behind Borja.
And I didn't take this.
This wasn't my shot either.
Perfect photo - taken by a ghost?
This is a PS. 
Masses of magical marvels have manifested this month. But instead of writing them up in this blog, I've pondered...

Should I blog about a really strange happening? 

I've decided yes. What the heck. This blog is supposed to expose weird and wonderful daily delights...

My previous blog described ghostly sounds, sights and feelings in a 1,200 year old Spanish church. The sights seemed validated by photographs. 

The really strange happening though was, I didn't take some of the photos! Something else did!

During the West v Russia Cold War, I was a photographer, working in West Germany on USA army and air-force bases. So I know how to handle a camera - not near the lens or the shutter release button.


As I carried the camera in one hand, by my side, suddenly the flash went. By itself. I looked at my hand. It was nowhere near the shutter release button!  

"Borja," I said, "I didn't take that!"

"I know," he replied. "I saw where your hand was." As we inspected the camera, without warning it took another photo, and another. 

"Is it a cheap camera from China?" Borja joked.

"It's new this year," I replied. "It's never taken photos by itself before. Anyway, as a photographer, I'd never take strangely angled photos like this." All at once, in an instant, my arm felt moved, and the flash went off again. 

"I saw that," Borja said. "Your hand was nowhere near the button. The ghost must want us to take photos!" We checked the digital photo. This time it was a perfectly angled  photo of the ancient church alter.

"I just said I'd never take strangely angled photos," I said to Borja.

"So the spirit took a perfect shot!" he replied. "I didn't believe in ghosts before, but I do now. It's an honour to experience the meeting of two worlds."   

Some blogs will be too weird for mystical beginners to believe. All I can say is, there are more things in Heaven and on Earth than we can ever know. 

Except perhaps this. If you get the chance after death to ask whether this blog was true, you might be surprised at the answer.

It is.